Kids Can Be a Destructive Force

One of the worst things you can do is underestimate how easily a child can destroy something. While babysitting a couple of children for money, one of the kids thought it would be fun to play with the blinds in my living room. They pulled on the blinds so had that it caused them to fall out of the window. Luckily the blinds didn’t land on the kids, because if it did, the kids might have been injured or worse. The blinds were broken beyond repair, which resulted in me buying new ones from Orange County Blinds.

I blamed myself for the kids wrecking the blinds, because I was careless enough to let them get to the blinds in the first place. The kids parents didn’t feel the same way. Continue reading “Kids Can Be a Destructive Force”


Creating a Pond

Most gardens, however small, are improved with the addition of a pond. Including water in your garden will encourage beneficial wildlife, and will create a wonderful backdrop to summer entertaining. At Garden4less, we stock the full range of Hozelock pumps and pond equipment which will ensure your pool stays healthy and crystal clear. Our guide will enable you to build a simple water feature from scratch with the minimum of effort and expense.kgkuxlxuy

Safety and situation

It is important to consider the layout and general feel of your garden when deciding to add water. Geometric shaped ponds look best gardens which have straight-edged landscaping, whereas an irregular shaped pool will suit an informal scheme. If your garden combines both a wilderness and some formal areas, try a circular pool which will suit almost any situation. It is advisable to site your water feature in a sunny part of the garden – this ensures that aquatic plants will receive the light they need in order to thrive. Wherever you choose to build, the appearance of the pond will be greatly improved if you attempt to blend it into the


Outfit Your Garden Area with a Potting Shed

A potting shed is an outbuilding designated specifically for gardening tasks. That includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, potting and re-potting plants, starting seedlings, hardening off seedlings before planting them outdoors, and tool storage and maintenance. While different gardeners have different gardening needs, there are a few must-have amenities that everybody should be sure to incorporate into their plans.

New or Used? fhmjglkchil.
The truth is just about any structure can be turned into a good potting shed. If you’ve got an old outbuilding on your property, it’s certainly worth exploring if it can be adapted to your gardening needs. In most cases it’s a fairly easy transformation. If you’re starting from scratch, you still have several options. Any common backyard shed of the kit or pre-fabricated variety can easily be modified into a perfect garden shed. And if you like to dream big, you can have your shed custom built (or designed) to meet your every whim and desire.

Windows and Natural Light
One of the main reasons a potting or garden shed is different than that backyard Tuff Shed your neighbor owns is light. Remember, your


Stunning Roof Gardens Also Have Beautiful Advantages

The thought of building a natural oasis on top of a building may seem a little odd, but the fact is that rooftop gardens have been around for centuries. Roof Gardens began in Europe a long time ago and since then have become the latest trend in gardening. Not only are rooftop gardens beautiful and unique, they are also efficient in many unique ways.fzykuku

Hidden Hideaways (and Benefits)
Of course, one advantages of the roof garden is its secrecy. No more kids, vermin, and strangers tromping through your flowerbeds. Not only does their “secret” location keep them safe, but it adds a concealed privacy to your outdoor habitat. And this uniqueness can actually add economic value to your home due to its aesthetic appeal.

Here are some other ways rooftop gardens benefit you and your environment:

Energy Efficiency: Roof gardens absorb a lot of energy by being on top of a structure. They provide natural noise and thermal heat insulation, thereby cutting down on utility bills. Plus, since the foliage itself needs water and sun, they actually retain twice as much rainfall and sun. What


Restoration of historic building

Historic building is a place in the form of buildings that have historical value relating to the history of the country. Maintaining and taking care of the building is important, because it is a valuable historic assets. Good state is a state that appreciates the history. Therefore state maintained historic buildings can show, how the country’s circumstances. Building restoration and preservation is an important agenda of each country must be considered. Among scientists believe there are six general criteria of the historic building that needs to be preserved. First, aesthetics, which can be considered to represent a special achievement in a historical style. Relation to the shape, structure, layout and ornamentation. Second, the plurality, how much building can represent a variety or special types specific. Third, scarcity, the building with only one of its kind or the last remaining examples. Fourth, the role of history, associated with historical events. Fifth, privileges, such as the highest and oldest. Sixth, strengthen the insight, significant in improving the environmental image.
In preserving historic buildings, there are some things that must be considered. First, what kind of historic buildings that will be preserved. Preferably in the process using those people who are professional

Your Urban Garden Options

Urban gardens, and especially those in major cities like London, can offer a respite from busy daily lives but, unfortunately, it is in these cities where space is usually most limited. Even if you are fortunate enough to have a house or a ground floor flat with direct access to a yard or garden, the size of the garden itself as well as the close proximity of neighbouring buildings means that the space may be impractical for growth or difficult to achieve a functional and attractive exterior space.

However, with some imagination, expertise in urban gardening, and experience in creating beautiful garden design even where space and other resources are limited, it is possible to create beautiful looking spaces that offer tranquillity, serenity, and even practicality. Before you start designing or planting, you should first consider exactly what you want from your outdoor space and also determine the exact amount of room that you have to work in.

Obviously, the less space there is, the more challenging the design will be, and if you have truly limited outdoor space then you may also have to limit your desires and requirements when it comes to how you intend to use the space. For

Want to Have More Profit? Read this!

We know that money is very important in everyone’s life. Who does not need money in their life? Do you need money too right in your life? Money is one of the crucial needs that we should have and we should earn in our life. Without money, we cannot survive in our life. That’s why we need to make sure that we can prepare all of the ways to get the good financial support for our life. When we have the good money support for our daily life we will have the better living also.

Then, in order to have the good money support, it means that we should work hard so that we will not have the bad condition in our living. There are many kinds of jobs that you can choose in order to have the good condition for your living. But somehow hoping get the money support from our salary is not enough. If you want to have the more profit that can support your living, you need to make sure that you can prepare for the further way for getting the money.

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Balusters Selections For Metal Deck

Balusters come in many options for its style depending upon homeowner preference. When it comes to its material, you find two options, such as, wood and metal. Wood balusters look great for a kind of traditional house, also , when you design your house with rustic charm. Whilst, metal deck balusters, it is more versatile, even though mostly you find this one in kind of modern house. Adding baluster as part of your home, think first about how to integrate the style that you put to the home building, so then you can jot the options down.

You choose metal baluster for your deck, think about the measurement that fits to your need. The size options for balusters just like its style, you find them vary from one to another. Sturdiness of your baluster is important, too, and it is even more if you need the baluster for exterior. Power coated metal baluster can resist to corrosion and harsh weather outside. Else, it should be the color selection. As you need your baluster not only for its function, but also how it adds aesthetic value to your home.

Sometime the metal baluster is not made of metal alone, but it

Common Loose Fill Paving Problems

Paving problems are more common than most homeowners realize. If installed correctly the first time, your driveway, walkway, and patio pavers should last many, many years. But proper installation is far from a given and exposure to the brutal elements can cause problems for virtually any residential paving. Some homeowners mistakenly believe they are avoiding paving problems by choosing the convenience of loose fill, but the truth is loose fill is vulnerable to many of the exact same problems as other pavers:

Loose Fill Paving Problems

  • Washboarding resembles the bumpy surface of an old-fashioned wash board. You can often find this phenomenon on unpaved dirt roads.
  • Potholes are holes in pavement found in virtually all materials. Usually, potholes are caused by natural freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Similar to potholes, a trough is a long indentation found in pavement.
  • General erosion: All pavement will erode from climate effects and use.
  • Water pooling is often caused by an unstable subsurface sinking over time.
  • Grading/slope problems are possibly due to improper site preparation and can turn into potholes over time.

Coping with Paving Problems: Loose Fill Repair
The good news about loose fill and loose fill paving problems is that they’re usually easier to deal with than more permanent pavers. Still, sealing cracks

Finding Backyard Benches Get The Excellent Search For Your Garden

Many outside benches are multi-objective, for instance, they can be utilized in metropolis parks, in malls, as nicely as serving as fantastic garden benches. In this article I will present some examples of the several types and designs of garden benches obtainable. Nevertheless, there are even a lot more than these to decide on from:

Common backyard and park bench:

This type of bench is sold most typically six ft in length, but that is also accessible as short as 4 feet, redefines the classic park bench model. The bench has a flat lengthy seat and a wooden frame and legs. There is a gap involving the bench seat and the bench seat again, even so this is a extremely comfy variety of backyard bench.

Deluxe park and backyard benches:

Deluxe park and garden benches offer all the advantages of the regular benches, but add a graceful contour. Therefore your garden bench will be in a position to match all entire body models comfortably. The much more snug the make, t

he less complicated it is for you to loosen up and take pleasure in your garden.

Elite park and garden benches:

These garden benches have a cultivated architectural kind. They hold their substantial high quality problem

Seattle Shrub Service

Many Seattle homeowners, and a greater percentage than homeowners around the country, wouldn’t consider their home and their landscaping complete without the beautiful shrubbery that surrounds their home. Seattle shrub service is many different things, depending on the resident. It can be basic trimming services, planting advice, or specialized knowledge of local plant life, disease, and other ailments that can risk the beautiful landscaping you currently enjoy. From Bellevue to Kirkland, Issaquah to Redmond, and throughout the greater Seattle area, shrub service contractors have helped homeowners maintain one of their home’s greatest assets.

Seattle Shrub Planting and Planning
In Seattle, shrub service begins with proper planning of the shrubs in your yard. Native plants are always best. They make for the simplest shrub care. Others have little to almost no chance of thriving. Naturally, shrubs that require large amounts of sunlight tend to be on this list of least likely to survive. On the other side of the coin, the English cottage garden is one of the most popular gardening styles and fits well with the local climate.

At the same time, the high-moisture content of the Puget Sound area makes for a hospitable environment for a large number of shrubs, but

Trash Management Ideas and Appliances

You live in your home, you produce trash. That’s just the way it goes. To keep your home looking its best it needs to remain clear of trash, and when the trash gets out of hand, your home can become nearly uninhabitable. Of course, this is only the worst-case scenario, and even homeowners who would don’t let their home reach this state can save time with more effective trash management.

Kitchen Trash Cans
Much of our home trash comes from the kitchen, and kitchen trash cans are among the most important trash cans in the home. They also provide the most options. Freestanding, under-the-sink, pantry, and pull out trash cabinets are all possibilities. Some homeowners prefer multiple kitchen trash cans. The best idea is to match the number and placement of your trash cans with your lifestyle. If you’re the type of person to diligently dispose of each piece of trash as it’s made, you may want to save the kitchen space and put a single, moderately sized trash can in your kitchen. For the less diligent, multiple trash cans will help you with your trash management. Of course, the size of your kitchen will also play a significant role in

Healing Powers of Outdoor Living

The idea that a natural setting is good for the body isn’t a new one. To quote a WebMD article, “A landmark study by Roger S. Ulrich, published in the April 27, 1984, issue of Science magazine, found strong evidence that nature helps heal. Ulrich, a pioneer in the field of therapeutic environments at Texas A&M University, found that patients recovering from gallbladder surgery who looked out at a view of trees had significantly shorter hospital stays, fewer complaints, and took less pain medication, than those who looked out at a brick wall.”

Since then, other studies by scientists worldwide have bolstered the theory that scenes of nature and being outdoors has a positive effect on our health. However, not every American has the time or means to hit the wilderness whenever he or she wants. For most of us, getting our recommended intake of nature needs to occur much closer to home.

Get your Nature any Way you Can
One of the best things about the healing power of nature is that you don’t have to be in the middle of nowhere to reap the benefits. Creating a small indoor garden or keeping houseplants can make getting your daily dose of

No Weeds, No Guilt. Tips For a Toxic-free Lawn or Garden

Nothing makes a hard core green thumb madder than weeds in the lawn or garden. They’re ugly. They compete for light, water, and nutrients. Sometimes they make you itch or sneeze! It’s no wonder that Home Expo Mart has aisles and aisles of chemicals that you can use to kill those weeds before they take over your favorite green spot.

The problem with pesticides is that they don’t stay where you put them. Every time it rains, the water runoff washes trace amounts of the chemicals away — into the nearest creek. These pesticides add up in the water supplies downstream from you. And the green thumbs applying pesticides upstream from you… well, let’s just say that here in the DC metro area, tapwater is safe to drink. But using alternative methods to kill the weeds in your lawn and garden is responsible behavior.

Here are a few tips for nontoxic alternatives to chemical pesticides that can help you have the lawn or garden of your dreams:

Tip #1: Corn Gluten Meal
If you have a well established lawn or perennial garden, you can prevent weeds from growing by with an application of corn gluten meal in early spring. Corn gluten meal is

What Can I Do About a Sump Pump Odor

Sump pumps are lifesavers. If you live in an area with a lot of moisture or a high water table, your basement is always at risk for flooding, but a quality sump pump redirects any incoming water away from your home’s foundation. However, like all technology, these machines sometimes run into difficulties. They work almost all year round, sometimes for several hours a day (if there’s heavy rainfall), and so they put up with a lot of abuse. They should work for about 10 years without replacement, but in the meantime they may require occasional maintenance. Here are some common questions you may encounter:

What Can I Do about Sump Pump Odor?
Like any drain, your pump has a trap that holds water in order to prevent sewage gas from backing up and entering into the home. If you’re going through a dry spell and this drain has not been used for two or three weeks, the water in the trap has evaporated, allowing the gas to escape, thereby creating sump pump odor. So it’s important to make sure there is always a least a little water in the trap at all times: just enough to cover the outgoing pipes

Don’t Replace, Resurface!

Concrete resurfacing is an easier and cheaper way to fix your deteriorating driveways, walkways, and slabs. It consists of fixing cracks, holes, and fissures with a repair material, then applying a full coat of polymer concrete resurfacing material over the entire surface. The end result is a brand new looking driveway or other concrete surface that will last for years to come.

Can It Perform Miracles?
That depends on what your definition of a miracle is. If your concrete problems include severe buckling, underlying soil issues, or other major problems, you’re probably going to need to tear the old concrete out and start over. If you’re talking about bringing back a brand new shine to a driveway that’s seen one too many winters, then concrete resurfacing is definitely a miracle in the making.

How About Extras?
If you’re going to resurface your driveway, walkways or another concrete surface anyway, why not go the extra mile and have some decorative work done as well? Concrete doesn’t have to be a boring, uniform gray anymore. To the contrary, ask your concrete resurfacing company about borders, textures, coloring and other improvements you can incorporate into your resurfacing project. Advances in concrete resurfacing make

Fill in Your Loose Paving

For many homeowners, every extra dollar spent on one area of your home means another area is left neglected or unfinished. If you recognize this in your own home, you’re probably looking for cheap home improvement alternatives that still retain the beauty and quality you demand from your home projects. One of the opportunities to stretch your home improvement dollars is to consider eschewing high-end stones and bricks for loose paving in your outdoor landscaping projects. Gravel, sand, small rock and wood chips are all types of loose fill. They are just as functional as any other landscaping material and with a little creativity can be nearly as beautiful.

Loose Paving Options
Because there are so many loose fill options, you need to assess the use of the area before deciding which fill would work best. If you are installing a swing set or playground for your children, sand, wood chips and pea gravel are appropriate and have adequate shock-absorbing properties when installed at an appropriate depth. For even better shock-absorption, you might also consider rubber mulch.

For driveways, coarser gravel is appropriate. If the rocks in the gravel are fairly small, and you live in a region that experiences moderate to

Bamboo Products for the Eco-Friendly Homeowner

With green construction practices and building materials sweeping the home improvement industry, bamboo has risen in stature to become one of the most beautiful, widely used, and eco-friendly hardwoods on the planet. From gorgeous hardwood flooring to easy-to-install outdoor fence, bamboo products are available to fit just about any homeowner’s fancy or remodeling needs.

Bamboo Products: What You Need to Know
While bamboo is generally referred to as a hardwood because of its beauty, density, and durability, it actually comes from the grass family. And it’s not just any grass or any plant. It’s the fastest growing plant known to man: Some bamboo shoots have been seen to grow up to four feet in a 24-hour period. If you cut down an oak tree, that’s all she wrote. Cutting bamboo, on the other hand, is necessary just to keep things tidy on a bamboo farm.

When harvested at the right time, when sugar levels are at their lowest, the resulting material is stronger than some hardwoods. Indeed, as the popularity of bamboo products have accelerated, manufacturers have struggled to keep up with demand, resulting in stories of discoloration and pest infestation. These inferior bamboo products have also created a belief that bamboo

Dog House Plans

Just because you’re getting an outside dog, doesn’t mean that he or she won’t need the comforts of a home. Outdoor dogs are often left to fend for themselves under porches or beneath over hangs. Owners and prospective owners should take into account that a dog’s transition from indoors to outdoors could take some time. Ideally, those in the market for what will eventually become an outside dog should make sure to have the dog house ready and begin setting the ground rules when your pet is a puppy. You know what they say about teaching old dogs new tricks! So, why not get your Spot a place to call his own?

Benefits of Having a Dog House
Some dogs need a lot of time outside. Depending on the breed, a dog might be more comfortable with direct access to the yard. A dog door will do the trick in some cases. In the case of a very frisky canine, a life outside is a better option. It will save the owner a lot of headache due to chewed furniture, “accidents” on the carpet, and tracked in dirt and fur. For these cases, a dog house provides excellent shelter from the

Lawn Irrigation in Detroit

You may think that once you have a sprinkler system installed, your lawn maintenance will become an afterthought of automation. It’s true that you’ll no longer need to drag a hose around your property. It’s also true that you’ll be able to deliver lawn irrigation in consistent and reliable amounts. These qualities are true of nearly all sprinkler systems. They are also qualities that almost any homeowner can get behind, and frequently make this Detroit home improvement a worthwhile investment. What you will need to consider, however, is when you want to water your lawn and what your priorities as a homeowner are. Otherwise, you may end up misusing your Detroit sprinkler system.

Lawn Preference and Use of Sprinkler Systems in Detroit, MI
Some people will advise you, for example, that the best time to water your lawn is in the evening or early morning. This is true in that you’ll be increasing the mileage you get from your sprinkler system by avoiding the midday sun that can quickly vaporize the water. If your primary concern is water conservation, or slightly lower utility bills, this is the way to go.

Other people will advise that the best time to water your lawn

Radon Testing: Inspect, Detect, and Correct

Radon is a radioactive gas that can be found in any home, new or old. This toxic gas comes from decomposed uranium in the soil, and since it always moves from the ground into the air above, it often leaks into houses through cracks in the foundation. However, you cannot see, smell, or taste this gas, which means that even though it is dangerous and cancerous if it builds up in the home, it can never be detected unless special procedures are enforced, such as occasional radon testing.

Radon Testing
This test can take on many forms for a variety of different purposes. If you are buying or selling a house, it is always a good idea to hire professionals to inspect the property. Although this is more expensive, these qualified experts have specialized equipment that actively analyze the gas levels within a couple of days and officially report this information to the prospective buys. However, the most common form of radon testing comes in passive kits that any homeowner can use themselves.

Passive Kits
These devices are inexpensive and available in either short or long-term models. Short-term models are great to get a quick idea of gas levels within a few